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The most frequently asked questions and our answers at a glance.

Yes, our service is free to everyone. We do not charge you and you don't need to sign up or leave your payment information in order to use our services. We fully rely on reputation and advertising revenue to keep the services online. File-Upload.to is safe and reliable - our service has been in existence for several years, and the safety of our users is our top priority.

By default, files have a hosting duration of one month. However, you can edit this threshold before uploading your file. At the latest available option, your file will be permanently deleted after six months. 

We value your privacy. For this reason, we store no data except those needed to run any normal website. With File-Upload.to, you can get started right away and upload files without needing to create an account or logging in. Your personal data is none of our business, and we respect that. Our service offers various features to protect your files from third-party access. We do not sell, rent or lease your data to anyone.